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Luis Lamb
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
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    Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Reasoning.Artur D'Avila Garcez, Luis Lamb & Dov Gabbay - 2009 - New York: Springer.
    Humans are often extraordinary at performing practical reasoning. There are cases where the human computer, slow as it is, is faster than any artificial intelligence system. Are we faster because of the way we perceive knowledge as opposed to the way we represent it? -/- The authors address this question by presenting neural network models that integrate the two most fundamental phenomena of cognition: our ability to learn from experience, and our ability to reason from what has been learned. This (...)
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    A Neural Cognitive Model of Argumentation with Application to Legal Inference and Decision Making.Artur S. D'Avila Garcez, Dov M. Gabbay & Luis C. Lamb - 2014 - Journal of Applied Logic 12 (2):109-127.
    Formal models of argumentation have been investigated in several areas, from multi-agent systems and artificial intelligence (AI) to decision making, philosophy and law. In artificial intelligence, logic-based models have been the standard for the representation of argumentative reasoning. More recently, the standard logic-based models have been shown equivalent to standard connectionist models. This has created a new line of research where (i) neural networks can be used as a parallel computational model for argumentation and (ii) neural networks can be used (...)
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    Labelled Natural Deduction for Conditional Logics of Normality.Krysia Broda, Dov Gabbay, Luís Lamb & Alessandra Russo - 2002 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 10 (2):123-163.
    We propose a family of Labelled Deductive Conditional Logic systems by defining a Labelled Deductive formalisation for the propositional conditional logics of normality proposed by Boutilier and Lamarre. By making use of the Compilation approach to Labelled Deductive Systems we define natural deduction rules for conditional logics and prove that our formalisation is a generalisation of the conditional logics of normality.
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    A Neural-Symbolic Perspective on Analogy.Rafael V. Borges, Artur S. D'Avila Garcez & Luis C. Lamb - 2008 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 31 (4):379-380.
    The target article criticises neural-symbolic systems as inadequate for analogical reasoning and proposes a model of analogy as transformation (i.e., learning). We accept the importance of learning, but we argue that, instead of conflicting, integrated reasoning and learning would model analogy much more adequately. In this new perspective, modern neural-symbolic systems become the natural candidates for modelling analogy.
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  5. Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Reasoning.Artur S. D'Avila Garcez, Luís C. Lamb & Dov M. Gabbay - 2009 - Berlin and Heidelberg: Springer.
    This book explores why, regarding practical reasoning, humans are sometimes still faster than artificial intelligence systems. It is the first to offer a self-contained presentation of neural network models for many computer science logics.
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