Luis M. Miller [3]Luis Miguel Miller [2]
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    Personal Identity: A Theoretical and Experimental Analysis.Fernando Aguiar, Pablo Brañas-Garza, Maria Paz Espinosa & Luis M. Miller - 2010 - Journal of Economic Methodology 17 (3):261-275.
    This paper aims to analyze the role of personal identity in altruism. To this end, it starts by reviewing critically the growing literature on economics and identity. Considering the ambiguities that the concept of social identity poses, our proposal focuses on the concept of personal identity. A formal model to study how personal identity enters in individuals' utility function when facing a dictator game decision is then presented. Finally, this ?identity-based? utility function is studied experimentally. The experiment allows us to (...)
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    Why a Trade-Off? The Relationship Between the External and Internal Validity of Experiments.Luis M. Miller - 2010 - Theoria: Revista de Teoría, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia 25 (3):301-321.
    Much of the methodological discussion around experiments in economics and other social sciences is framed in terms of the notions of internal and external validity. The standard view is that internal validity and external validity stand in a relationship best described as a trade-off. However, it is also commonly heldthat internal validity is a prerequisite to external validity. This article addresses the problem of the compatibility of these two ideas and analyzes critically the standard arguments about the conditions under which (...)
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    Economics and Social Interaction: Accounting for Interpersonal Relations, Benedetto Gui and Robert Sugden (Eds). Cambridge University Press, 2005, XV + 299 Pages. [REVIEW]Luis Miguel Miller - 2008 - Economics and Philosophy 24 (2):283-287.