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  1. The EPR Paper and Bohr's Response: A Re-Assessment. [REVIEW]M. A. B. Whitaker - 2004 - Foundations of Physics 34 (9):1305-1340.
    For many years after Bohr's response to the EPR argument, Bohr was considered to have provided an authoritative rebuttal of the ideas of the paper, and more generally of Einstein's stance on quantum theory. More recently, however, there has been great difficulty even in achieving general agreement on Bohr's meaning. Two recent papers, by Dickson, and by Clifton and Halvorson, have sought to establish the structure of Bohr's argument. In the present paper, the papers of EPR and Bohr are re-assessed (...)
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  2. On Hacking's Criticism of the Wheeler Anthropic Principle.M. A. B. Whitaker - 1988 - Mind 97 (386):259-264.
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    Can the Statistical Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Be Inferred From the Schrödinger Equation?—Bell and Gottfried.M. A. B. Whitaker - 2008 - Foundations of Physics 38 (5):436-447.
    In his paper titled ‘Against “measurement” ’ [Physics World 3(8), 33–40 [1990]], Bell criticised arguments that use the concept of measurement to justify the statistical interpretation of quantum theory. Among these was the text of Gottfried [Quantum Mechanics (Benjamin, New York, [1966])]. Gottfried has replied to this criticism, claiming to show that, for systems with both continuous and discrete degrees of freedom, the statistical interpretation for the discrete variables is implied by requiring that the continuous variables are described classically. In (...)
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  4. Ensemble Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics a Modern Perspective.D. Home & M. A. B. Whitaker - 1992 - North-Holland.
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    Solomon’s Argument on Hidden Variables in Quantum Theory.M. A. B. Whitaker - 2007 - Foundations of Physics 37 (6):989-997.
    J. Solomon [Journal de Physique 4, 34 (1933)] produced an argument of great generality claiming to demonstrate the impossibility of hidden variables in quantum theory, an argument which M. Jammer [The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics(Wiley, New York, 1974)] said raised a number of questions. For the first time, this argument is discussed, a simple hidden variable model violating the argument is analysed in detail, and the error in the proof is located.
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    Science, Scientists and History of Science.M. A. B. Whitaker - 1984 - History of Science 22 (4):421-424.