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Mohammed Abdellaoui [6]M. Abdellaoui [2]
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    Individual Vs. Couple Behavior: An Experimental Investigation of Risk Preferences. [REVIEW]Mohammed Abdellaoui, Olivier L’Haridon & Corina Paraschiv - 2013 - Theory and Decision 75 (2):175-191.
    In this article, we elicit both individuals’ and couples’ preferences assuming prospect theory (PT) as a general theoretical framework for decision under risk. Our experimental method, based on certainty equivalents, allows to infer measurements of utility and probability weighting at the individual level and at the couple level. Our main results are twofold. First, risk attitude for couples is compatible with PT and incorporates deviations from expected utility similar to those found in individual decision making. Second, couples’ attitudes towards risk (...)
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    Risk Aversion Elicitation: Reconciling Tractability and Bias Minimization. [REVIEW]Mohammed Abdellaoui, Ahmed Driouchi & Olivier L’Haridon - 2011 - Theory and Decision 71 (1):63-80.
    Risk attitude is known to be a key determinant of various economic and financial choices. Behavioral studies that aim to evaluate the role of risk attitudes in contexts of this type, therefore, require tools for measuring individual risk tolerance. Recent developments in decision theory provide such tools. However, the methods available can be time consuming. As a result, some practitioners might have an incentive to prefer “fast and frugal” methods to clean but more costly methods. In this article, we focus (...)
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    9th International Conference on the Foundations and Applications of Utility, Risk and Decision Theory.Profs A. Ibenrissoul, M. Abdellaoui, B. Munier, A. Trachen & P. Wakker - 1999 - Theory and Decision 46 (105).
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    The Likelihood Method for Decision Under Uncertainty.Mohammed Abdellaoui & Peter P. Wakker - 2005 - Theory and Decision 58 (1):3-76.
    This paper introduces the likelihood method for decision under uncertainty. The method allows the quantitative determination of subjective beliefs or decision weights without invoking additional separability conditions, and generalizes the Savage–de Finetti betting method. It is applied to a number of popular models for decision under uncertainty. In each case, preference foundations result from the requirement that no inconsistencies are to be revealed by the version of the likelihood method appropriate for the model considered. A unified treatment of subjective decision (...)
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    Do Financial Professionals Behave According to Prospect Theory? An Experimental Study.Mohammed Abdellaoui, Han Bleichrodt & Hilda Kammoun - 2013 - Theory and Decision 74 (3):411-429.
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    Editorial Statement.Mohammed Abdellaoui - 2005 - Theory and Decision 58 (1):1-2.
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    Mullet, E., 387 Ponssard, JP, 239 Romero-Medina, A., 305.M. Abdellaoui, M. Basili, W. Bossert, J. Carpenter, D. P. Cervone, J. J. Chang & A. Chateauneuf - 2005 - Theory and Decision 58:407.
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    Rank-Dependent Utility.Mohammed Abdellaoui - 2009 - In Paul Anand, Prastanta Pattanaik & Clemens Puppe (eds.), Handbook of Rational and Social Choice. Oxford University Press, Usa.