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    Semi De Morgan Logic Properly Displayed.Giuseppe Greco, Fei Liang, M. Andrew Moshier & Alessandra Palmigiano - 2020 - Studia Logica 109 (1):1-45.
    In the present paper, we endow semi De Morgan logic and a family of its axiomatic extensions with proper multi-type display calculi which are sound, complete, conservative, and enjoy cut elimination and subformula property. Our proposal builds on an algebraic analysis of the variety of semi De Morgan algebras, and applies the guidelines of the multi-type methodology in the design of display calculi.
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    Sequential real number computation and recursive relations.J. Raymundo Marcial-Romero & M. Andrew Moshier - 2008 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 54 (5):492-507.
    In the first author's thesis [10], a sequential language, LRT, for real number computation is investigated. That thesis includes a proof that all polynomials are programmable, but that work comes short of giving a complete characterization of the expressive power of the language even for first-order functions. The technical problem is that LRT is non-deterministic. So a natural characterization of its expressive power should be in terms of relations rather than in terms of functions. In [2], Brattka examines a formalization (...)
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    A rational reconstruction of the domain of feature structures.M. Andrew Moshier - 1995 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 4 (2):111-143.
    Feature structures are employed in various forms in many areas of linguistics. Informally, one can picture a feature structure as a sort of tree decorated with information about constraints requiring that specific subtrees be identical (isomorphic). Here I show that this informal picture of feature structures can be used to characterize exactly the class of feature structures under their usual subsumption ordering. Furthermore, once a precise definition of tree is fixed, this characterization makes use only of standard domain-theoretic notions regarding (...)
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    Is HPSG featureless or unprincipled?M. Andrew Moshier - 1997 - Linguistics and Philosophy 20 (6):669-695.
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    The domain of set-valued feature structures.M. Andrew Moshier & Carl J. Pollard - 1994 - Linguistics and Philosophy 17 (6):607-631.
    It is well-known that feature structures can be fruitfully viewed as forming a Scott domain. Once a linguistically motivated notion of set value in feature structures is countenanced, however, this is no longer possible inasmuch as unification of set values in general fails to yield a unique result. In Pollard and Moshier 1990 it was shown that, while falling short of forming a Scott domain, the set of feature structures possibly containing set values satisfies the weaker condition of forming a (...)
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