Maria Arman [6]M. Arman [2]
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    Spontaneous ethics in nurses’ willingness to work during a pandemic.Anna Slettmyr, Anna Schandl, Susanne Andermo & Maria Arman - 2022 - Nursing Ethics 29 (5):1293-1303.
    Background: In modern healthcare, the role of solidarity, altruism and the natural response to moral challenges in life-threatening situations is still rather unexplored. The COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of nurses’ willingness to care for patients during crisis. Objective: To elucidate clinical expressions of ontological situational ethics through nurses’ willingness to work during a pandemic. Research design, participants and context: A qualitative study with an interpretive design was applied. Twenty nurses who worked in intensive care (...)
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    The ambiguity of altruism in nursing: A qualitative study.Anna Slettmyr, Anna Schandl & Maria Arman - 2019 - Nursing Ethics 26 (2):368-377.
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    The `Little Extra' That Alleviates Suffering.Maria Arman & Arne Rehnsfeldt - 2007 - Nursing Ethics 14 (3):372-386.
    Nursing, or caring science, is mainly concerned with developing knowledge of what constitutes ideal, good health care for patients as whole persons, and how to achieve this. The aim of this study was to find clinical empirical indications of good ethical care and to investigate the substance of ideal nursing care in praxis. A hermeneutic method was employed in this clinical study, assuming the theoretical perspective of caritative caring and ethics of the understanding of life. The data consisted of two (...)
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    Recognition as a valued human being: Perspectives of mental health service users.Kristin Ådnøy Eriksen, Bengt Sundfør, Bengt Karlsson, Maj-Britt Råholm & Maria Arman - 2012 - Nursing Ethics 19 (3):357-368.
    The acknowledgement of basic human vulnerability in relationships between mental health service users and professionals working in community-based mental health services (in Norway) was a starting point. The purpose was to explore how users of these services describe and make sense of their meetings with other people. The research is collaborative, with researcher and person with experienced-based knowledge cooperating through the research process. Data is derived from 19 interviews with 11 people who depend on mental health services for assistance at (...)
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    Strengthening practical wisdom: Mental health workers' learning and development.K. A. Eriksen, H. Dahl, B. Karlsson & M. Arman - 2014 - Nursing Ethics 21 (6):707-719.
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    Caring for children in pediatric intensive care unit: An observation study focusing on nurses' concerns.J. Mattsson, M. Forsner, M. Castren & M. Arman - 2013 - Nursing Ethics 20 (5):0969733012466000.
    Children in the pediatric intensive care unit are indisputably in a vulnerable position, dependent on nurses to acknowledge their needs. It is assumed that children should be approached from a holistic perspective in the caring situation to meet their caring needs. The aim of the study was to unfold the meaning of nursing care through nurses’ concerns when caring for children in the pediatric intensive care unit. To investigate the qualitative aspects of practice embedded in the caring situation, the interpretive (...)
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    Reviewers of articles received and published in 2008–09.Jonas Alwall, Arie van der Arend, Maria Arman, Mila Aroskar, Kim Atkins, Susan Benedict, Joy Bickley-Asher, Marija Bohinc, Sarah Breier-Mackie & Anna Brown - 2009 - Nursing Ethics 16 (6):841.
  8. Book Review: Johnston N, Scholler-Jaquish A eds 2007: Meaning in suffering. Caring practices in the health professions. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press. 300 pp. GBP17.50 . ISBN: 978 0 299 22254 3. [REVIEW]Maria Arman - 2008 - Nursing Ethics 15 (4):561-561.