Maurizio Bettini [4]M. Bettini [2]Mario Bettini [1]
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    Il Mito di Elena. Immagini e racconti dalla Grecia a oggi. [REVIEW]Rebecca Langlands, M. Bettini & C. Brillante - 2004 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 124:224-225.
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    Andersen, Øivind, and Dag TT Haug, Eds. Relative Chronology in Early Greek Poetry. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012. Xiii+ 277 Pp. 6 Black-and-White Ills., 15 Tables. Cloth, $99. Aston, Emma. Mixanthro\ Poi: Animal-Human Hybrid Deities in Greek Religion. Kernos Supplément 25. Liège: Centre International d'Étude de la Religion. [REVIEW]Sinclair Bell, Teresa Ramsby, Maurizio Bettini, Alastair Jl Blanshard, Kim Shahabudin, Maddalena Bonelli, Francesca Guadalupe Masi & William Brockliss - 2012 - American Journal of Philology 133:537-542.
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    Ghosts of Exile: Doubles and Nostalgia in Vergil's "Parva Troia".Maurizio Bettini - 1997 - Classical Antiquity 16 (1):8-33.
    This paper provides an analysis of Aeneas' visit to the "parva Troia" in Epirus , centered on the theme of "substitutes" and "doubles," and beginning with Andromache, the heroine of this encounter. With Helenus as a substitute for her deceased husband, Hector, Andromache is involved in a sort of levirate marriage. Moreover, she reacts to Aeneas and his companions as if they too were "substitutes," living persons who immediately evoke images of the dead, "doubles" for her lost loved ones . (...)
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    Signs and Sports in the Ancient World.Maurizio Bettini - 2002 - Semiotica 2002 (139):297-309.
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  5. The Status of Studies on Augustine Dialog'de Musica'with an Annotated-Bibliography (1940-1990).M. Bettini - 1991 - Rivista di Filosofia Neo-Scolastica 83 (3):430-469.