Margherita Brusa [6]M. Brusa [2]
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  1. Cultural Circumcision in Eu Public Hospitals – an Ethical Discussion.Margherita Brusa & Y. Michael Barilan - 2009 - Bioethics 23 (8):470-482.
  2.  60
    Deliberation at the Hub of Medical Education: Beyond Virtue Ethics and Codes of Practice. [REVIEW]Y. M. Barilan & M. Brusa - 2013 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 16 (1):3-12.
    Although both codes of practice and virtue ethics are integral to the ethos and history of “medical professionalism”, the two trends appear mutually incompatible. Hence, in the first part of the paper we explore and explicate this apparent conflict and seek a direction for medical education. The theoretical and empirical literature indicates that moral deliberation may transcend the incompatibilities between the formal and the virtuous, may enhance moral and other aspects of personal sensitivity, may help design and improve other parts (...)
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  3. Triangular Reflective Equilibrium: A Conscience-Based Method for Bioethical Deliberation.Y. Michael Barilan & Margherita Brusa - 2011 - Bioethics 25 (6):304-319.
    Following a discussion of some historical roots of conscience, we offer a systematized version of reflective equilibrium. Aiming at a comprehensive methodology for bioethical deliberation, we develop an expanded variant of reflective equilibrium, which we call ‘triangular reflective equilibrium’ and which incorporates insights from hermeneutics, critical theory and narrative ethics.We focus on a few distinctions, mainly between methods of justification in ethics and the social practice of bioethical deliberation, between coherence in ethical reasoning, personal integrity and consensus formation, and between (...)
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    Human Rights and Bioethics.Y. M. Barilan & M. Brusa - 2008 - Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (5):379-383.
    In the first part of this article we survey the concept of human rights from a philosophical perspective and especially in relation to the “right to healthcare”. It is argued that regardless of meta-ethical debates on the nature of rights, the ethos and language of moral deliberation associated with human rights is indispensable to any ethics that places the victim and the sufferer in its centre. In the second part we discuss the rise of the “right to privacy”, particularly in (...)
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    Allocating Scarce Medical Resources. [REVIEW]Margherita Brusa - 2004 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 25 (3):215-217.
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    Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination of Children: A Social Responsibility.Margherita Brusa & Yechiel Michael Barilan - 2021 - Journal of Medical Ethics 47 (8):543-546.
    Nearly 400 million adults have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Children have been excluded from the vaccination programmes owing to their lower vulnerability to COVID-19 and to the special protections that apply to children’s exposure to new biological products. WHO guidelines and national laws focus on medical safety in the process of vaccine approval, and on national security in the process of emergency authorisation. Because children suffer much from social distancing, it is argued that the harms from containment measures should be (...)
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    Case Study: The Million Dollar Question.Lauren S. Cobbs, Peter A. Clark & Margherita Brusa - 2000 - Hastings Center Report 30 (5):24.
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    The Million Dollar Question.Lauren S. Cobbs, Peter A. Clark & Margherita Brusa - 2000 - Hastings Center Report 30 (5):24.