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Marilyn Gaye Piety
Drexel University
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    The Long Term: Capitalism and Culture in the New Millennium. [REVIEW]M. G. Piety - 2004 - Journal of Business Ethics 51 (2):103-118.
    One of the most significant developments in the latter part of the 20th century and the first part of this new millennium has been the triumph of short-term over long-term thinking. We are increasingly a culture that looks neither to the past nor to the future, but only to the next “quarter,” or to the next Delphic pronouncement by Alan Greenspan. This cultural construction of time has given rise to social, political and personal problems of unprecedented magnitude. The short-term focus (...)
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  2. Women in Philosophical Counseling: The Anima of Thought in Action.Riella Morhayim, Natasa Radovanovic, Silvia Bakirdjian, Luisa Sesino, Heidi Salaverría, Lydia Amir, Ora Gruengard, Roxana Kreimer, Marianne Vahl, Camilla Angeltun, Rayda Guzmán González, Narelle Arcidiacono, Marie-France Lebouc, M. G. Piety, Dena Hurst, Marleen Moors, Kate Mehuron & Helen Douglas (eds.) - 2015 - Lexington Books.
    This multi-faceted collection of women's perspectives on the renaissance in philosophical practices provides an international overview on the professional practice of philosophical counseling as rooted in the ancient philosophical discipline of life and its essential difference from modern mainstream philosophy.
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  3. Kierkegaard and Murdoch on Knowledge of the Good.M. G. Piety - 2010 - In Robert L. Perkins, Marc Alan Jolley & Edmon L. Rowell (eds.), Why Kierkegaard Matters: A Festschrift in Honor of Robert L. Perkins. Mercer University Press.
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    Kierkegaard's Concept of Faith.M. G. Piety - 2016 - Philosophical Review 125 (4):601-605.
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    Knowing the Score: What Sports Can Teach Us About Philosophy , by David Papineau.M. G. Piety - 2018 - Teaching Philosophy 41 (3):331-335.
  6. Repetition and Philosophical Crumbs.M. G. Piety (ed.) - 2009 - Oxford University Press.
    These two complementary works give the reader a unique insight into the breadth and substance of Kierkegaard's thought. One reads like a novel and the other a Platonic dialogue but both concern the nature of love, faith, and happiness. These are the first translations to convey the literary quality and philosophical precision of the originals.
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    Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Kierkegaard and Fear and Trembling.M. G. Piety - 2005 - Teaching Philosophy 28 (4):396-398.
  8. The Epistemology of the Postscript.M. G. Piety - 2010 - In Rick Anthony Furtak (ed.), Kierkegaard's 'Concluding Unscientific Postscript': A Critical Guide. Cambridge University Press.
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    Who’s Søren Now?M. G. Piety - 2005 - The Philosophers' Magazine 31 (31):15-17.
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    Who’s Søren Now?M. G. Piety - 2005 - The Philosophers' Magazine 31:15-17.
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