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Mgter María Florencia Greco [1]
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    On the Vitality of Vitalism.M. Greco - 2005 - Theory, Culture and Society 22 (1):15-27.
    The term ‘vitalism’ is most readily associated with a series of debates among 18th- and 19th-century biologists, and broadly with the claim that the explanation of living phenomena is not compatible with, or is not exhausted by, the principles of basic sciences like physics and chemistry. Scientists and philosophers have continued to address vitalism - mostly in order to reject it - well into the second half of the 20th century, in connection with classic concepts such as mechanism, reductionism, emergence, (...)
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    The Politics of Indeterminacy and the Right to Health.M. Greco - 2004 - Theory, Culture and Society 21 (6):1-22.
    Discussions of the framework and terminology associated with the right to health tend to treat the indeterminacy of ‘health’ as conceptual noise that the construction of effective policy must not focus on, but find ways of bracketing out. On this basis, the right to health is broadly regarded as a social and economic, rather than a civil and political right. This article draws critically on literature about the implications of developments in medical biotechnologies, to argue that a positive acknowledgement of (...)
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    10 Logics of Interdisciplinarity.Monica Greco - 2013 - In Andrew Barry & Georgina Born (eds.), Interdisciplinarity: Reconfigurations of the Social and Natural Sciences. Routledge. pp. 226.
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    Literature and Life.Gilles Deleuze, Daniel W. Smith & Michael A. Greco - 1997 - Critical Inquiry 23 (2):225-230.
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    Self-Report as a Valid Measure of Yawning in the Laboratory.Monica Greco & Ronald Baenninger - 1989 - Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 27 (1):75-76.
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    “Hombre nuevo” y “Revolución”. Indagando en las continuidades y reformulaciones discursivas constitutivas de la identidad colectiva perretista.Mgter María Florencia Greco - 2012 - Aletheia: Anuario de Filosofía 2 (4).
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    The Politics of Attachment: Lines of Flight with Bowlby, Deleuze and Guattari.Robbie Duschinsky, Monica Greco & Judith Solomon - 2015 - Theory, Culture and Society 32 (7-8):173-195.
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    The Time of the Real: When Disease is ‘Actual’.Monica Greco - 1998 - Cultural Values 2 (2-3):243-260.
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