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    Methods for distance-based judgment aggregation.M. K. Miller & D. Osherson - unknown
    Judgment aggregation theory, which concerns the translation of individual judgments on logical propositions into consistent group judgments, has shown that group consistency generally cannot be guaranteed if each proposition is treated independently from the others. Developing the right method of abandoning independence is thus a high-priority goal. However, little work has been done in this area outside of a few simple approaches. To fill the gap, we compare four methods based on distance metrics between judgment sets. The methods generalize the (...)
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    Reverseα–α´ phase separation in Fe-20Cr-6Al alloy.C. Capdevila, M. K. Miller, F. A. López, G. Pimentel & J. Chao - 2013 - Philosophical Magazine 93 (14):1640-1651.
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    Solute distribution in nanocrystalline Ni–W alloys examined through atom probe tomography.A. J. Detor, M. K. Miller & C. A. Schuh - 2006 - Philosophical Magazine 86 (28):4459-4475.
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    Atom probe tomography of radiation-sensitive KS-01 weld.M. K. Miller, K. F. Russell, M. A. Sokolov & R. K. Nanstad - 2005 - Philosophical Magazine 85 (4-7):401-408.