Masaru Kada [3]M. Kada [1]
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    Hechler’s Theorem for the Null Ideal.Maxim R. Burke & Masaru Kada - 2004 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 43 (5):703-722.
    We prove the following theorem: For a partially ordered set Q such that every countable subset of Q has a strict upper bound, there is a forcing notion satisfying the countable chain condition such that, in the forcing extension, there is a basis of the null ideal of the real line which is order-isomorphic to Q with respect to set-inclusion. This is a variation of Hechler’s classical result in the theory of forcing. The corresponding theorem for the meager ideal was (...)
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    More on Cichoń's Diagram and Infinite Games.Masaru Kada - 2000 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 65 (4):1713-1724.
    Some cardinal invariants from Cichon's diagram can be characterized using the notion of cut-and-choose games on cardinals. In this paper we give another way to characterize those cardinals in terms of infinite games. We also show that some properties for forcing, such as the Sacks Property, the Laver Property and ω ω -boundingness, are characterized by cut-and-choose games on complete Boolean algebras.
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  3. M. RUBIN On La Ia Complete Extensions of Complete Theories of Boolean Algebras 571 A. ROStANOWSKI• S. SHELAH Sweet & Sour and Other Flavours of Ccc Forcing. [REVIEW]X. Li, M. Mostowski, K. Zdanowski, Mr Burke & M. Kada - 2004 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 43 (5):720.