Marc Mehu [3]M. Mehu [2]
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    Understanding the Mechanisms Underlying the Production of Facial Expression of Emotion: A Componential Perspective.Klaus R. Scherer, Marcello Mortillaro & Marc Mehu - 2013 - Emotion Review 5 (1):47-53.
    We highlight the need to focus on the underlying determinants and production mechanisms to fully understand the nature of facial expression of emotion and to settle the theoretical debate about the meaning of motor expression. Although emotion theorists have generally remained rather vague about the details of the process, this has been a central concern of componential appraisal theories. We describe the fundamental assumptions and predictions of this approach regarding the patterning of facial expressions for different emotions. We also review (...)
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    The Appraisal Bias Model of Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression.M. Mehu & K. R. Scherer - 2015 - Emotion Review 7 (3):272-279.
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    Normal and Abnormal Emotions—The Quandary of Diagnosing Affective Disorder: Introduction and Overview.K. R. Scherer & M. Mehu - 2015 - Emotion Review 7 (3):201-203.
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    The Integration of Emotional and Symbolic Components in Multimodal Communication.Marc Mehu - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    The Proximate Mechanisms and Ultimate Functions of Smiles.Marc Mehu & Karim N'Diaye - 2010 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (6):454-455.
    Niedenthal et al's classification of smiles erroneously conflates psychological mechanisms and adaptive functions. This confusion weakens the rationale behind the types of smiles they chose to individuate, and it obfuscates the distinction between the communicative versus denotative nature of smiles and the role of perceived-gaze direction in emotion recognition.
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