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Miranda Occhionero [3]M. Occhionero [1]
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    Phenomenal Consciousness in Dreams and in Mind Wandering.Miranda Occhionero & Piercarla Cicogna - 2016 - Philosophical Psychology 29 (7):958-966.
    Dreaming can be explained as the product of an interaction among memory processes, elaborative processes, and phenomenal awareness. A feedback circuit is activated by this interaction according to the associative links and the requirements of the dream scene. Recently, it has been hypothesized that a partial similarity exists between dreaming and mind wandering and that these two processes may involve the same neural default network. This commentary discusses the differences and similarities between phenomenal consciousness during dreaming and phenomenal consciousness during (...)
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    Autoscopic Phenomena and One’s Own Body Representation in Dreams.Miranda Occhionero & Piera Carla Cicogna - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (4):1009-1015.
    Autoscopic phenomena are complex experiences that include the visual illusory reduplication of one’s own body. From a phenomenological point of view, we can distinguish three conditions: autoscopic hallucinations, heautoscopy, and out-of-body experiences. The dysfunctional pattern involves multisensory disintegration of personal and extrapersonal space perception. The etiology, generally either neurological or psychiatric, is different. Also, the hallucination of Self and own body image is present during dreams and differs according to sleep stage. Specifically, the representation of the Self in REM dreams (...)
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    Bizarreness of Size and Shape in Dream Images.P. C. Cicogna, M. Occhionero, V. Natale & M. J. Esposito - 2007 - Consciousness and Cognition 16 (2):381-390.
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    Such Stuff as NREM Dreams Are Made On?PierCarla Cicogna & Miranda Occhionero - 2013 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36 (6):611-612.
    The question that we deal with in this commentary is the need to clarify the synergistic role of different non4) with REM and while awake in elaborative encoding of episodic memory. If the assumption is that there is isomorphism between neuronal and cognitive networks, then more detailed analysis of NREM sleep and dreams is absolutely necessary.
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