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    First-Person Fictions: Pindar's Poetic 'I'.M. C. Howatson & M. R. Lefkowitz - 1993 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 113:185-186.
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    Arethusa 11, 1/2. Women in the Ancient WorldWomen in Greece and RomeTearing the Veil: Essays on Femininity. [REVIEW]Roger Just, M. R. Lefkowitz, M. B. Fant & S. Lipshitz - 1980 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 100:245-246.
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    West on the East: Martin West's East Face of Helicon and Its ForerunnersThe East Face of Helicon: West Asiatic Elements in Greek Poetry and MythHellenosemitica: An Ethnic and Cultural Study in West Semitic Impact on Mycenaean GreeceBlack Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Greek Civilisation. Vol. 1: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985Orientalizing Revolution: Near Eastern Influence on Greek Culture in the Early Archaic Age Mythe Et epopeeThe Search for the Perfect LanguageBlack Athena RevisitedHesiod and the Near EastHesiod: Theogony. [REVIEW]Ken Dowden, M. L. West, M. Astour, Martin Bernal, W. Burkert, G. Dumezil, U. Eco, M. R. Lefkowitz, G. R. Rogers & P. Walcot - 2001 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 121:167-175.
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    The Victory Ode: An Introduction.M. M. Willcock & M. R. Lefkowitz - 1978 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 98:182-183.