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Michael S. Brady
University of Glasgow
  1. How to Understand Internalism.M. S. Brady - 2000 - Philosophical Quarterly 50 (198):91-97.
    Internalism about practical reasons claims that there is a necessary connection between what an agent has reason to do and what he would be motivated to do if he were in privileged or optimal conditions. Internalism is traditionally supported by the claim that it alone can capture two conditions of adequacy for any theory of practical reasons, that reasons must be capable of justifying actions, and that reasons must be capable of explaining intentional acts. Robert Johnson, pp. 53–71) has argued (...)
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  2. Disappointment.M. S. Brady - 2010 - Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume 84 (1):179-198.
    Miranda Fricker appeals to the idea of moral-epistemic disappointment in order to show how our practices of moral appraisal can be sensitive to cultural and historical contingency. In particular, she thinks that moral-epistemic disappointment allows us to avoid the extremes of crude moralism and a relativism of distance. In my response I want to investigate what disappointment is, and whether it can constitute a form of focused moral appraisal in the way that Fricker imagines. I will argue that Fricker is (...)
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    Beyond Moral Judgment, by Alice Crary.M. S. Brady - 2011 - Mind 120 (480):1237-1242.
  4. Review: Value, Reality, and Desire. [REVIEW]M. S. Brady - 2007 - Mind 116 (461):193-197.
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