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    M. S. Lane (1996). Review: Baynes, The Normative Grounds of Social Criticism: Kant, Rawls and Habermas. [REVIEW] Philosophical Quarterly 46 (184):399.
  2. M. S. Lane (2001). Plato's Progeny: How Socrates and Plato Still Captivate the Modern Mind. Duckworth.
  3. M. S. Lane (2001). Plato's Progeny How Plato and Socrates Still Captivate the Modern Mind.
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  4. M. S. Lane (1996). Sandra B. Lubarsky and David Ray Griffin, Eds., Jewish Theology and Process Thought Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 16 (5):360-362.
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    M. S. Lane (1998). Method and Politics in Plato's Statesman. Cambridge University Press.
    Among Plato's works, the Statesman is usually seen as transitional between the Republic and the Laws. This book argues that the dialogue deserves a special place of its own. Whereas Plato is usually thought of as defending unchanging knowledge, Dr Lane demonstrates how, by placing change at the heart of political affairs, Plato reconceives the link between knowledge and authority. The statesman is shown to master the timing of affairs of state, and to use this expertise in managing the conflict (...)
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