1. Men Versus the State: Herbert Spencer and Late Victorian Individualism.M. W. Taylor - 1992 - Oxford University Press.
    A study of the political philosophy of Herbert Spencer, this book examines the thought of the man considered by many to be the greatest philosopher of Victorian Britain, and the ideas of the Individualists, a group of political thinkers inspired by him to uphold the policy of laissez-faire during the 1880s and 1890s. Despite their important contribution to nineteenth-century political debate, these thinkers have been neglected by historians, who Taylor argues have concentrated instead on the advocates of an enhanced role (...)
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    The Tyrant Slayers: The Heroic Image in Fifth Century BC Athenian Art and Politics. 2nd Edn. [REVIEW]H. A. Shapiro & M. W. Taylor - 1993 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 113:211-213.
  3. Herbert Spencer and the Limits of the State: The Late Nineteenth-Century Debate Between Individualism and Collectivism.M. W. Taylor (ed.) - 1996 - Thoemmes Press.
    Contains a representative sample of writings by the Individualists and their critics, and also by some leading Victorian politicians who attempted to translate political theories into practical politics. The debates between these thinkers raise some fundamental issues about the nature of liberty and the role and limits of the State which remain with us still. Many present-day concerns, including the issues at stake between liberals and communitarians, are to be found prefigured in the pages of this collection.
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