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Mabogo P. More [6]Mabogo Percy More [1]
  1. African Philosophy in South Africa.Mabogo P. More - 2002 - In Claude Sumner & Samuel Wolde Yohannes (eds.), Perspectives in African Philosophy: An Anthology on "Problematics of an African Philosophy: Twenty Years After, 1976-1996". Addis Ababa University. pp. 38.
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    Gordon and Biko.Mabogo P. More - 2010 - Philosophia Africana 13 (2):71-88.
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    Black Solidarity: A Philosophical Defense.Mabogo P. More - 2009 - Theoria: A Journal of Social and Political Theory 56 (120):20-43.
    How should black people, indeed any other group of people in general, respond when they are grouped together and oppressed on the basis of the contingency of their physical characteristics? Questions of liberation from oppression involve questions about the means to overcome that oppression. Throughout the ages of struggle against racial oppression, for example, collective black identity and solidarity has been one of the favourite responses and rallying call for racial justice and liberation. In South Africa this response has recently (...)
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    Black Consciousness Movement’s Ontology.Mabogo P. More - 2012 - Philosophia Africana 14 (1):23-39.
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    Biko and Douglass.Mabogo P. More - 2015 - Philosophia Africana 17 (2):101-118.
  6. Looking Through Philosophy in Black: Memoirs.Mabogo Percy More - 2018 - Rowman & Littlefield International.
    In this important new book, leading Black philosopher Mabogo More reflects on his life and career in apartheid South African. The book explores Africana existentialism in relation to issues of race, identity, liberation, freedom, alienation, responsibility and bad faith and includes key essays from More's corpus alongside his philosophical memoir.
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