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    QL-Regular Quantified Modal Logics.Maciej Nowicki - 2008 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 37 (3/4):4.
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    Anselm and Russell.Maciej Nowicki - 2006 - Logic and Logical Philosophy 15 (4):355-368.
    In his paper “St. Anselm’s ontological argument succumbs to Russell’s paradox” Christopher Viger presents a critique of Anselm’s Argument from the second chapter of Proslogion. Viger claims there that he manages to show that the greater than relation that Anselm used in his proof leads to inconsistency. I argue firstly, that Viger does not show what he maintains to show, secondly, that the flaw is not in the nature of Anselm’s reasoning but in Viger’s (mis)understanding of Anselm as well as (...)
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  3. An Outline of the Anselmian Theory of God.Tomasz Jarmużek, Maciej Nowicki & Andrzej Pietruszczak - 2006 - Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities 91 (1):317-330.
    The article presents a formalization of Anselm's so-called Ontological Arguments from Proslogion . The main idea of our research is to stay to the original text as close as is possible. We show, against some common opinions, that (i) the logic necessary for the formalization must be neither a purely sentential modal calculus, nor just non-modal first-order logic, but a modal first-order theory; (ii) such logic cannot contain logical axiom ⌜ A → ⋄ A ⌝; (iii) none of Anselm's reasonings (...)
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  4. Jeżeli Boga nie ma, wszystko jest zakazane.Maciej Nowicki & Slavoj Žižek - unknown
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