1.  67
    From Actor to Spectator: Hannah Arendt’s ‘Two Theories’ of Political Judgment.Majid Yar - 2000 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 26 (2):1-27.
    The question of judgment has become one of the central problems in recent social, political and ethical thought. This paper explores Hannah Arendt's decisive contribution to this debate by attempting to reconstruct analytically two distinctive perspectives on judgment from the corpus of her writings. By exploring her relation to Aristotelian and Kantian sources, and by uncovering debts and parallels to key thinkers such as Benjamin and Heidegger, it is argued that Arendt's work pinpoints the key antinomy within political judgment itself, (...)
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  2.  8
    From Nature to History, and Back Again: Blumenberg, Strauss and the Hobbesian Community.Majid Yar - 2002 - History of the Human Sciences 15 (3):53-73.
    This article explores the origins of the problematic of political community by considering it in relation to the founding principles of `modern thought'. These principles are identified with the extirpation of moral values and ends from nature, in keeping with the rise of a `disenchanted' and mechanical scientific world-view. The transition from an `ancient' to a `modern' world-view is elaborated by drawing upon the work of Hans Blumenberg and Leo Strauss. The `demoralization' of nature, it is claimed, projects the formation (...)
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  3.  47
    Honneth and the Communitarians: Towards a Recognitive Critical Theory of Community.Majid Yar - 2003 - Res Publica 9 (2):101-125.
    This paper attempts to sketch a critical model of political community by drawing upon recent contributions to the theory of ‘recognition’, particularly in the work of Axel Honneth. The paper proceeds by, first, delineating key features shared by a range of positions associated with ‘communitarianism’, along with the limitations and problems incurred by these commitments. The second part of the paper attempts to mobilise Honneth’s theoretical work to develop a conception of community that shares a number of the basic premisesvis-á-vis (...)
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  4. Kojève, Alexandre.Majid Yar - 2001 - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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  5.  16
    Community in Absentia?Majid Yar - 2002 - Res Publica 8 (2):179-189.
  6.  8
    Hannah Arendt.Majid Yar - 2001 - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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