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    Equal Opportunities in Education: A Coherent, Rational and Moral Concern.Mal Leicester - 1996 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 30 (2):277–287.
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    Collective Moral Philosophy and Education for Pluralism: A Replay to Graham Haydon.Mal Leicester - 1986 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 20 (2):251–255.
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    Competence, Knowledge and Education: Reply to Hyland.Mal Leicester - 1994 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 28 (1):113–118.
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    Cognitive Development, Self Knowledge and Moral Education.Mal Leicester & Richard Pearce - 1997 - Journal of Moral Education 26 (4):455-472.
    Abstract This paper rejects the notion of moral education in adulthood as merely remedial, i.e. as providing a second chance to learn that which should have been learned in school, or as merely compensatory, i.e. as making up for the waning of our cognitive abilities which (stereotypically) occurs with age. Rather, it advocates a conception of lifelong moral education which presupposes that there are social and cognitive features of maturity which have the potential to generate some worthwhile learning which can (...)
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    Racism, Responsibility and Education.Mal Leicester - 1988 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 22 (2):201–206.
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    A Moral Education in an Ethical System.Mal Leicester - 2001 - Journal of Moral Education 30 (3):251-260.
    This article raises a number of interrelated issues. It first considers the need for a disability-aware education for everyone, including post-school leavers. This has both structural and curricular implications. At the structural level, it is argued that if we are to move towards a more ethical educational system, institutional discrimination must be dismantled. At the curricular level, the notion of a "culture of resistance", with distinctive moral characteristics, is explored. The article next considers the moral education of disabled people, covering (...)
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    Editorial: Lifelong Learning as Moral Education.Mal Leicester - 1998 - Journal of Moral Education 27 (3):277-281.
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    Rights Not Restrictions for Learning Disabled Adults: A Response to Spiecker and Steutel.Mal Leicester & Pam Cooke - 2002 - Journal of Moral Education 31 (2):181-187.
    What follows is a response to an article by Spiecker and Steutel in which they pose the question of whether sex between people with "mental retardation" (sic) is morally permissible and in which they argue that since many such people cannot give "valid consent", the additional consent of caretakers may be required. However, we argue that the term "mental retard" is offensive and that either the UK terminology ("the learning disabled") or the internationally accepted term ("intellectually disabled") are more acceptable. (...)
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    Triadic Moral Learning and Disability Awareness.Mal Leicester - 2011 - Journal of Moral Education 40 (3):319-327.
    Since moral action often requires understanding the nature of justice and the development of empathy and compassion, moral education involves the learner?s intellect, emotions and will. The lifelong learning involved is thus multifaceted and plausibly benefits from the integration of personal and political with professional learning. I explore this triadic conception of moral education by drawing on the movement to lifelong learning where a triadic notion of ?lifelong learning? has already been developed, partly in contrast to narrower vocational conceptions that (...)
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