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    Research Culture and Reproducibility.Marcus R. Munafò, Christopher D. Chambers, Alexandra M. Collins, Laura Fortunato & Malcolm R. Macleod - forthcoming - Trends in Cognitive Sciences.
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    New Evidence on the Suggestibility of Memory: The Role of Retrieval-Induced Forgetting in Misinformation Effects.Jo Saunders & Malcolm D. MacLeod - 2002 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 8 (2):127-142.
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    A Randomised Controlled Trial of an Intervention to Improve Compliance with the ARRIVE Guidelines.Ezgi Tanriver-Ayder, Laura J. Gray, Sarah K. McCann, Ian M. Devonshire, Leigh O’Connor, Zeinab Ammar, Sarah Corke, Mahmoud Warda, Evandro Araújo De-Souza, Paolo Roncon, Edward Christopher, Ryan Cheyne, Daniel Baker, Emily Wheater, Marco Cascella, Savannah A. Lynn, Emmanuel Charbonney, Kamil Laban, Cilene Lino de Oliveira, Julija Baginskaite, Joanne Storey, David Ewart Henshall, Ahmed Nazzal, Privjyot Jheeta, Arianna Rinaldi, Teja Gregorc, Anthony Shek, Jennifer Freymann, Natasha A. Karp, Terence J. Quinn, Victor Jones, Kimberley Elaine Wever, Klara Zsofia Gerlei, Mona Hosh, Victoria Hohendorf, Monica Dingwall, Timm Konold, Katrina Blazek, Sarah Antar, Daniel-Cosmin Marcu, Alexandra Bannach-Brown, Paula Grill, Zsanett Bahor, Gillian L. Currie, Fala Cramond, Rosie Moreland, Chris Sena, Jing Liao, Michelle Dohm, Gina Alvino, Alejandra Clark, Gavin Morrison, Catriona MacCallum, Cadi Irvine, Philip Bath, David Howells, Malcolm R. Macleod, Kaitlyn Hair & Emily S. Sena - 2019 - Research Integrity and Peer Review 4 (1).
    BackgroundThe ARRIVE guidelines are widely endorsed but compliance is limited. We sought to determine whether journal-requested completion of an ARRIVE checklist improves full compliance with the guidelines.MethodsIn a randomised controlled trial, manuscripts reporting in vivo animal research submitted to PLOS ONE were randomly allocated to either requested completion of an ARRIVE checklist or current standard practice. Authors, academic editors, and peer reviewers were blinded to group allocation. Trained reviewers performed outcome adjudication in duplicate by assessing manuscripts against an operationalised version (...)
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    Neural Correlates of Direct and Indirect Suppression of Autobiographical Memories.Saima Noreen, Akira R. O’Connor & Malcolm D. MacLeod - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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