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    Do Cytokinins Function as Two-Way Signals Between Plants and Animals?Marcel Robischon - 2015 - Bioessays 37 (4):356-363.
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    Fostering Systems Thinking in Biological Education Using the Example of Plant Hormones.Marcel Robischon - 2019 - Bioessays 41 (11):1900119.
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    Nonhuman Animal Behavioral Phenomena Are Central to the Emerging Concept of Intangible Natural Heritage.Marcel Robischon - 2019 - Society and Animals 27 (5-6):628-645.
    Intangible natural heritage is a concept that has been addressed in several publications and that offers a new and expanded view onto world heritage conservation. However, the difference from intangible cultural heritage has not been clearly defined. One distinction in the categories of world heritage that are established in international conventions appears where “the intangible” is not created by humans but by a nonhuman animal. Living organisms sustain human life materially and provide inspiration to humans, both in their material form (...)
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