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Marcin Matczak
University of Warsaw
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    Semantyka Kripkego-Putnama a język prawny.Marcin Matczak - 2007 - Studia Semiotyczne 26:307-329.
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    Speech Act Theory and the Rule of Recognition.Marcin Matczak - 2019 - Jurisprudence 10 (4):552-581.
    In this paper, I re-interpret Hart’s concept of the rule of recognition using the theoretical framework of J. L. Austin’s speech act theory, in particular by treating recognition, change and adjudi...
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  3. Three Kinds of Intention in Lawmaking.Marcin Matczak - 2017 - Law and Philosophy 36 (6):651-674.
    The nature of legislative intent remains a subject of vigorous debate. Its many participants perceive the intent in different ways. In this paper, I identify the reason for such diverse perceptions: three intentions are involved in lawmaking, not one. The three intentions correspond to the three aspects of a speech act: locutionary, illocutionary and perlocutionary. The dominant approach in legal theory holds that legislative intent is a semantic one. A closer examination shows that it is, in fact, an illocutionary one. (...)
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