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    Finger Counting Habit and Spatial–Numerical Association in Children and Adults.Marco Fabbri & Annalisa Guarini - 2016 - Consciousness and Cognition 40:45-53.
  2.  33
    The Mechanisms of Space‐Time Association: Comparing Motor and Perceptual Contributions in Time Reproduction.Marco Fabbri, Nicola Cellini, Monica Martoni, Lorenzo Tonetti & Vincenzo Natale - 2013 - Cognitive Science 37 (7):1228-1250.
    The spatial-temporal association indicates that time is represented spatially along a left-to-right line. It is unclear whether the spatial-temporal association is mainly related to a perceptual or a motor component. In addition, the spatial-temporal association is not consistently found using a time reproduction task. Our rationale for this finding is that, classically, a non-lateralized button for performing the task has been used. Using two lateralized response buttons, the aim of the study was to find a spatial-temporal association in a time (...)
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