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    Must We Be Courageous?Ann B. Hamric, John D. Arras & Margaret E. Mohrmann - 2015 - Hastings Center Report 45 (3):33-40.
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    Whose Interests Are They, Anyway?Margaret E. Mohrmann - 2006 - Journal of Religious Ethics 34 (1):141-150.
    This review both praises Richard Miller's book--a thoughtful, judicious, and comprehensive analysis of bioethics for the pediatric age group, notably the first effort worthy of the name--and points out the work still to be done in this area, work firmly based in and illuminated by Miller's ground-breaking thesis. Specifically, the book rightly compels us to recognize obligations of beneficence as primary and to refocus on the child's basic interests, rather than putative "best" interests. There remains much to be done in (...)
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    Integrity: Integritas, Innocentia, Simplicitas.Margaret E. Mohrmann - 2004 - Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 24 (2):25-37.
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    Ethical Grounding for a Profession of Hospital Chaplaincy.Margaret E. Mohrmann - 2008 - Hastings Center Report 38 (6):18-23.
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    History: Precedents or Anecdotes?Medicine, Society, and Faith in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds. [REVIEW]Margaret E. Mohrmann - 1996 - Hastings Center Report 26 (4):38.
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    Feminist Ethics and Religious Ethics.Margaret Mohrmann - 2015 - Journal of Religious Ethics 43 (2):185-192.
    This focus issue is a conversation at and about the interface of feminist ethics and religious ethics, in order to show what these multifaceted fields of intellectual endeavor and practical import have to say to each other, to teach and to learn. The seven essays approach that dialogue from a variety of angles and traditions, reflecting the fecundity of both fields and the wide-ranging concerns of colleagues in religious ethics who share commitments and methods with feminist ethics.
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    The American Medical Ethics Revolution: How the AMA's Code of Ethics Has Transformed Physicians' Relationships to Patients, Professionals and Society (Review).Margaret E. Mohrmann - 2001 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 44 (1):148-152.
  8. Medicine as Ministry: Reflections on Suffering, Ethics, and Hope.Margaret E. Mohrmann - 1995 - Pilgrim Press.
  9. Pain Seeking Understanding: Suffering, Medicine, and Faith.Margaret E. Mohrmann & Mark J. Hanson (eds.) - 1999 - Pilgrim Press.