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    Transparency to Reduce Corruption?: Dropping Hints for Private Organizations in Brazil.Maria Virginia Halter, Maria Cecilia Coutinho de Arruda & Ralph Bruno Halter - 2009 - Journal of Business Ethics 84 (S3):373-385.
    Corruption within the private sector has often not been dealt with in Brazil. Organizations may find corrupt acts in its operations or practices, but specific concepts and programs to avoid them are neither concrete nor clear. Some Brazilian stockholders have become aware of the risks involved in unethical procedures and are adopting the Best Practices of Corporate Governance initiative. International agencies have intensively supported organizations and governments in an effort to define policies that inhibit illegal or corrupt cultural habits throughout (...)
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    Successful Business Leaders’ Focus on Gender and Poverty Alleviation: The Lojas Renner Case of Job and Income Generation for Brazilian Women.Maria Cecilia Coutinho de Arruda & Gabriel Levrini - 2015 - Journal of Business Ethics 132 (3):627-638.
    Successful entrepreneurs of a large retail chain for clothing—the Lojas Renner, decided to address gender, as well as job and income generation issues, in a challenging experience that involved several stakeholders in the new markets where they established their business. In 2007 they launched the ‘Mais Eu’ social campaign aligned with the business, aiming to increase women’s professional qualifications, job and income generation. The key concern relied upon the content of the communication, in order to promote a deep adaptation to (...)
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    Inverting the Pyramid of Values? Trends in Less-Developed Countries.Maria Virginia Halter & Maria Cecilia Coutinho de Arruda - 2009 - Journal of Business Ethics 90 (S3):267 - 275.
    The authors discuss the consistency of transnational companies in their home, as well as in less developed host countries, concerning ethics, values and social responsibility. Ethical behavior offers good reputation, credibility and tradition to the corporation. It leads to corporate social, environmental and economic responsibilities, cooperating to the desired sustainability. This paper analyzes the inversion of values that corporate governance systems have suffered. The meaning and implication of the corporate social responsibility is investigated and discussed. A "pyramid of values" is (...)
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