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    Neural Processing of Familiar and Unfamiliar Children’s Faces: Effects of Experienced Love Withdrawal, but No Effects of Neutral and Threatening Priming.Esther Heckendorf, Renske Huffmeijer, Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg & Marinus H. van IJzendoorn - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.
  2. No Reliable Gender Differences in Attachment Across the Lifespan.Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg & Marinus H. van IJzendoorn - 2009 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 32 (1):22-23.
    In middle childhood, boys show more avoidant attachments and girls more ambivalent attachments as a prelude to gender differentiation in reproductive strategies. However, we have failed to find systematic and method-independent gender differences in middle or late childhood attachments, nor in adult attachment representations. We conclude that Del Giudice's model rests on a brittle empirical basis.
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  3. Marinus H. van IJzendoorn and Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg.Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg - 2004 - In Gavin Bremner & Alan Slater (eds.), Theories of Infant Development. Blackwell. pp. 233.
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