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  1. Argumentation mining.Raquel Mochales & Marie-Francine Moens - 2011 - Artificial Intelligence and Law 19 (1):1-22.
    Argumentation mining aims to automatically detect, classify and structure argumentation in text. Therefore, argumentation mining is an important part of a complete argumentation analyisis, i.e. understanding the content of serial arguments, their linguistic structure, the relationship between the preceding and following arguments, recognizing the underlying conceptual beliefs, and understanding within the comprehensive coherence of the specific topic. We present different methods to aid argumentation mining, starting with plain argumentation detection and moving forward to a more structural analysis of the detected (...)
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    Argumentation mining: How can a machine acquire common sense and world knowledge?Marie-Francine Moens - 2018 - Argument and Computation 9 (1):1-14.
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    Innovative techniques for legal text retrieval.Marie-Francine Moens - 2001 - Artificial Intelligence and Law 9 (1):29-57.
    Legal text retrieval traditionally relies upon external knowledge sources such as thesauri and classification schemes, and an accurate indexing of the documents is often manually done. As a result not all legal documents can be effectively retrieved. However a number of current artificial intelligence techniques are promising for legal text retrieval. They sustain the acquisition of knowledge and the knowledge-rich processing of the content of document texts and information need, and of their matching. Currently, techniques for learning information needs, learning (...)
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    An Ancient Egyptian Herbal.Marie-Francine Moens & Lise Manniche - 1992 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 112 (3):541.
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    Salomon: Automatic abstracting of legal cases for effective access to court decisions. [REVIEW]Caroline Uyttendaele, Marie-Francine Moens & Jos Dumortier - 1998 - Artificial Intelligence and Law 6 (1):59-79.
    The SALOMON project is a contribution to the automatic processing of legal texts. Its aim is to automatically summarise Belgian criminal cases in order to improve access to the large number of existing and future cases. Therefore, techniques are developed for identifying and extracting relevant information from the cases. A broader application of these techniques could considerably simplify the work of the legal profession.A double methodology was used when developing SALOMON: the cases are processed by employing additional knowledge to interpret (...)
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