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    Null Complements: Licensed by Syntax or by Semantics-Pragmatics?Corinne Iten, Marie-Odile Junker, Aryn Pyke, Robert Stainton & Catherine Wearing - unknown
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  2. The Semantics and Syntax of Null Complements.Marie-Odile Junker & Robert Stainton - unknown
    Consider sentences like (1): 1. Null Complement Containing Sentences a. Aryn followed b. Marie-Odile promised c. Corinne left d. Samir found out at midnight e. I applied f. They already know g. He volunteered h. Abdiwahid insisted i. I suppose j. Paul gave to Amnesty International These illustrate the phenomenon of null complements -- also called ‘pragmatically controlled zero anaphora’, ‘understood arguments’, and ‘linguistically unrealized arguments’. In each case, a complement is (phonologically) omitted, yet (a) the sentence is well-formed and (...)
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    A Native American View of the Mind as Seen in the Lexicon of Cognition in East Cree.Marie-Odile Junker - 2003 - Cognitive Linguistics 14 (2-3).