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    Clinical Neuropsychology as a Specialist Profession in European Health Care: Developing a Benchmark for Training Standards and Competencies Using the Europsy Model?Laura Hokkanen, Fernando Barbosa, Amélie Ponchel, Marios Constantinou, Mary H. Kosmidis, Nataliya Varako, Erich Kasten, Sara Mondini, Sandra Lettner, Gus Baker, Bengt A. Persson & Erik Hessen - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
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    Allegorical Materialism: Face-Fragments, Affects of Truth and Loop-Politics in Benjamin and Badiou.Marios Constantinou - 2011 - Angelaki 16 (1):63-78.
    This essay stages a dialectical confrontation between Adorno–Horkheimer on one hand and Benjamin–Badiou on the other against the background of the former's reductive portrait of Ulysses in Dialectic of the Enlightenment, which depicts him as a proto-bourgeois archetype of profit-seeking and acquisitive ethos. In sharp contrast, Walter Benjamin's allegorical materialism foregrounds, by dialectical illumination, hieroglyphic traces of Homeric virtues. These, I argue, are sustained and further amplified by Alain Badiou's topological ethics and loop-politics.
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  3. Ser E Espacialização.Alain Badiou, Norman Madarasz & Marios Constantinou - 2008 - Ethic@ 15 (2):21-40.
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    Agnes Heller's Ecce Homo: A Neomodern Vision of Moral Anthropology.Marios Constantinou - 1999 - Thesis Eleven 59 (1):29-52.
    By dovetailing the classical concepts of virtue, beauty, harmony and happiness with the cardinal values of modern imagination, life and freedom, Agnes Heller galvanizes modernity's anthropological reflexivity and hints at the prospect of a classicism pertinent to the present. Beyond nostalgia for an ancient past or apology for a contemporary present, her moral anthropology is approached via a dialectical elucidation of aspects of epicurean theory attuned to modernity's complexity. Under the contemporary condition of waning postmodern challenges, escalating confusion and cynicism, (...)
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