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    Embodiment and Education: Exploring Creatural Existence.Marjorie O'Loughlin - 2006 - Springer.
    Discursive accounts of the body have been prominent recently. While acknowledging the usefulness of these, the author, drawing upon specific philosophers of the body and a wide range of other theorists, focuses attention on the experiencing body which she refers to as 'creatural existence’. Thinking in terms of the creatural, she argues, can better situate human beings in their environment, thus emphasizing a kind of 'ecological notion of subjectivity’, in which place-based existence is understood anew. The educational implications of focusing (...)
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    Paying Attention to Bodies in Education: Theoretical Resources and Practical Suggestions.Marjorie O'loughlin - 1998 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 30 (3):275–297.
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    Corporeal Subjectivities: Merleau‐Ponty, Education and the Postmodern Subject.Marjorie O'Loughlin - 1997 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 29 (1):20-31.
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    Introduction: Continuity and Diversity: Philosophy of Education at the Beginning of the New Millennium.Marjorie O'Loughlin - 2003 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 22 (3/4):175-181.
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    PESA Then and Now: Recollections and Congratulations.Marjorie O'Loughlin - 2009 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 41 (7):804-807.
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    Overcoming the Problems of ‘Difference’ in Education: Empathy as ‘Intercorporeality’. [REVIEW]Marjorie O'Loughlin - 1998 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 17 (4):283-293.
    In this paper I am concerned with the notion of empathy and its capacity for overcoming the problem of difference in social life. The concept of empathy has a long history in the Western philosophic tradition but has become discursively submerged in recent times. I am particularly interested in what philosophies of the body may contribute to our understanding of empathy. Psychoanalytic feminism provides some insights. However I identify Merleau-Ponty's conception of body-subject and the intersubjective encounter as offering a potentially (...)
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    Life, Work and Learning: Practice Without Power?Marjorie O'Loughlin - 2003 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 35 (1):113–115.
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    Educational Exemplars, Democratic Dialogue and the Misuse of Quotation Marks: Some PESA Conference Papers From 2006.Marjorie O'loughlin - 2011 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 43 (5):506-507.
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    Teaching Thinking Skills Through Discussion: Towards a Method of Evaluation.Marjorie O'Loughlin - 1991 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 23 (1):110–120.
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    Ways of Thinking About Being: Explorations in Ontology. [REVIEW]Marjorie O'Loughlin - 1996 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 15 (1-2):139-145.
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    Listening, Heeding, and Respecting the Ground at One's Feet: Knowledge and the Arts Across Cultures.Marjorie O'Loughlin - forthcoming - Philosophy of Music Education Review 5 (1).
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