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    Insight Solutions Are Correct More Often Than Analytic Solutions.Carola Salvi, Emanuela Bricolo, John Kounios, Edward Bowden & Mark Beeman - 2016 - Thinking and Reasoning 22 (4):443-460.
    ABSTRACTHow accurate are insights compared to analytical solutions? In four experiments, we investigated how participants' solving strategies influenced their solution accuracies across different types of problems, including one that was linguistic, one that was visual and two that were mixed visual-linguistic. In each experiment, participants' self-judged insight solutions were, on average, more accurate than their analytic ones. We hypothesised that insight solutions have superior accuracy because they emerge into consciousness in an all-or-nothing fashion when the unconscious solving process is complete, (...)
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    Do Dimensional Psychopathology Measures Relate to Creative Achievement or Divergent Thinking?Darya L. Zabelina, David Condon & Mark Beeman - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5.
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    Compensatory Education has Succeeded.Jerry Hirsch, Mark Beeman & Timothy P. Tully - 1980 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 3 (3):346-347.
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    Anxious Mood Narrows Attention in Feature Space.Ezra Wegbreit, Steven Franconeri & Mark Beeman - 2015 - Cognition and Emotion 29 (4):668-677.