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    Relations: Medieval Theories, 1250-1325.Mark Gerald Henninger - 1989 - Oxford University Press.
    Scholars have known that a variety of medieval theories on relation existed, but no full-length systematic study has been attempted until now. With this book Henninger fills an important gap in our knowledge of medieval philosophy. Dealing with such varied thinkers as Aquinas, Henry of Ghent, Richard of Mediavilla, John Duns Scotus, Henry of Harclay, William of Ockham, and Peter Aureoli, the book will interest anyone concerned with late medieval philosophy and the transition to the early modern period.
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    Aquinas on the Ontological Status of Relations.Mark Gerald Henninger - 1987 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 25 (4):491-515.
  3. Some Late Medieval Theories of the Category of Relation.Mark Gerald Henninger - 1984 - University Microfilms International.
    As with the problem of universals, late medieval thinkers were very concerned with the ontological status of relations, for they were central to numerous theological and philosophical problems. These relations were of various types: relations of identity, qualitative similarity, quantitative equality, causal relations, and intentional relations, such as those between knower and the object known. Each of these relations was taken to be an Aristotelian accident. Does it differ from the substance which is related? Broadly speaking, I have discovered four (...)
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