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Mark Andrew Holowchak
University of Pittsburgh (PhD)
  1. Aretism: An Ancient Sports Philosophy for the Modern Sports World.Heather Reid & Mark Holowchak - 2011 - Lexington Books.
    Aretism: An Ancient Sports Philosophy for the Modern Sports World provides a tripartite model of sports ethics founded on ancient Greek principles and focused on personal, civic, and global integration. Heather Reid and Mark Holowchak apply these concepts as a "golden mean" between the extremes of the commercialist and recreational models of competition. This treatment is most applicable to students and academics concerned with the philosophy of sport, but will also be of interest to those in sports professions.
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    Reasoning in Conversation.Lauren Resnick, Merrilee Salmon, Colleen Zeitz, Sheila Haley Wathen & Mark Holowchak - 1993 - Ethics and Behavior 11 (3):347-364.
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    Education as Training for Life: Stoic Teachers as Physicians of the Soul.Mark A. Holowchak - 2009 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 41 (2):166-184.
    This paper is an indirect critique of the practice of American liberal education. I show that the liberal, integrative model that American colleges and universities have adopted, with one key exception, is essentially an approach to education proposed some 2400 years ago by Stoic philosophers. To this end, I focus on a critical sketch of the Stoic model of education—chiefly through the works of Seneca, Epictetus, and Aurelius—that is distinguishable by these features: education as self‐knowing, the need of logic and (...)
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    Aristotle on Dreaming: What Goes On in Sleep When the ‘Big Fire’ Goes Out.Mark A. Holowchak - 1996 - Ancient Philosophy 16 (2):405-423.
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    Critical Reasoning and Science : Looking at Science with an Investigative Eye.Mark Holowchak - 2007 - University Press of America.
    Module 1 What Is Science? "The size of a man's mind ... is to be measured, in so far as it can be measured, by the size and complexity of the universe that ...
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    Why 'Transactional Realism'Won't Work: A Reply to Biesta.Mark Holowchak - unknown
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    Lucretius on the Gates of Horn and Ivory: A Psychophysical Challenge to Prophecy by Dreams.Mark Holowchak - 2004 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 42 (4):355-368.
    : Lucretius' Epicurean account of dreams in Book IV of De Rerum Natura indicates that they are wholly void of prophetic significance and of little practical significance. Dreams, rightly apprehended, do little more than mirror our daily preoccupations. For Lucretius, all dreams pass through the gate of ivory and all are reducible to psychophysical phenomena.In this paper, I examine Lucretius' account of sleep and the formation of dreams in light of the Epicurean aims of the poem as a whole. In (...)
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    Wisdom, Wine, and Wonder-Lust in Plato's.Mark Holowchak - 2003 - Philosophy and Literature 27 (2):415-427.
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    Associate Editor and Book Review Editor.Cesar R. Torres, Jan Boxill, W. Miller Brown, Michael Burke, Nicholas Dixon, Randolf Feezell, Leslie Francis, Jeffrey Fry, Paul L. Gaffney & Mark Holowchak - 2012 - Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 39 (2).
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    A Closer Look at ‘Sophisticated Stoicism’: Reply to Stephens and Feezell.Mark A. Holowchak - 2010 - Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 4 (3):341-354.
    Stephens and Feezell argue, in?The Ideal of the Stoic Sportsman?, that?one need not be a scholar of ancient Greek philosophy to refer to?stoic? conduct or a?stoic? approach to certain matters, because the vocabulary related to this apparently antiquarian view of life has seeped into our common language?. Nonetheless, Stephens and Feezell go on to give a scholarly account of Stoicism as it relates to athletic participation. Their account, in part, takes the form of a distinction between?simple Stoicism? and?sophisticated Stoicism?? the (...)
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  11. Critical Reasoning & Philosophy: A Concise Guide to Reading, Evaluating & Writing Philosophical Works.Mark Holowchak - 2003 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    Critical Reasoning and Philosophy is an innovative and clearly written handbook that teaches students how to read critically, think critically while they read, and write thoughtful, sound arguments in response.
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