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    Engineering and Biology: Counsel for a Continued Relationship.Brett Calcott, Arnon Levy, Mark L. Siegal, Orkun S. Soyer & Andreas Wagner - 2015 - Biological Theory 10 (1):50-59.
    Biologists frequently draw on ideas and terminology from engineering. Evolutionary systems biology—with its circuits, switches, and signal processing—is no exception. In parallel with the frequent links drawn between biology and engineering, there is ongoing criticism against this cross-fertilization, using the argument that over-simplistic metaphors from engineering are likely to mislead us as engineering is fundamentally different from biology. In this article, we clarify and reconfigure the link between biology and engineering, presenting it in a more favorable light. We do so (...)
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    A Philosophical Perspective on Evolutionary Systems Biology.Maureen A. O’Malley, Orkun S. Soyer & Mark L. Siegal - 2015 - Biological Theory 10 (1):6-17.
    Evolutionary systems biology is an emerging hybrid approach that integrates methods, models, and data from evolutionary and systems biology. Drawing on themes that arose at a cross-disciplinary meeting on ESB in 2013, we discuss in detail some of the explanatory friction that arises in the interaction between evolutionary and systems biology. These tensions appear because of different modeling approaches, diverse explanatory aims and strategies, and divergent views about the scope of the evolutionary synthesis. We locate these discussions in the context (...)
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    The evolution of dosage-compensation mechanisms.Ignacio Marín, Mark L. Siegal & Bruce S. Baker - 2000 - Bioessays 22 (12):1106-1114.
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    Announcement by the Owner and the Publisher of Biological Theory.Mark L. Siegal, Orkun S. Soyer & Maureen O'Malley - 2015 - Biological Theory 10 (1):5-5.