1.  34
    Mark S. Mizruchi (2004). Berle and Means Revisited: The Governance and Power of Large U.S. Corporations. Theory and Society 33 (5):579-617.
  2.  11
    Deborah Barrettis, Charles Kurzman & Mark S. Mizruchi (2004). Ari Adut Holds a Ph. D. From the University of Chicago and is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. His Research Focuses on Political Scandals, the Legalization of Political and Social Life, and Privacy. He is Currently Writing a Book on Scandal as a General Social Form. [REVIEW] Theory and Society 33 (619).
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    Mark S. Mizruchi (1990). Cohesion, Structural Equivalence, and Similarity of Behavior: An Approach to the Study of Corporate Political Power. Sociological Theory 8 (1):16-32.
    Political sociologists interested in corporate power have focused increasingly on the extent to which the business community is cohesive. Studies of cohesion, however, frequently contain either no definition or operational definitions with little theoretical rationale. This paper examines the uses of the term cohesion in the power structure literature as well as in classical and contemporary sociological theory. I argue that: (1) cohesion is most appropriately defined as an objective characteristic of a social structure; (2) to understand a group's power, (...)
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