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  1. Michael Polanyi: The Art of Knowing.Mark T. Mitchell - 2006 - Intercollegiate Studies Institute.
    The polymath Michael Polanyi first made his mark as a physical chemist, but his interests gradually shifted to economics, politics, and philosophy, in which field he would ultimately propose a revolutionary theory of knowledge that grew out of his firsthand experience with both the scientific method and political totalitarianism. In this sixth entry in ISI Books’ Library of Modern Thinkers’ series, Mark T. Mitchell reveals how Polanyi came to recognize that the roots of the modern political and spiritual crisis lay (...)
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    Personal Participation: Michael Polanyi, Eric Voegelin, and the Indispensability of Faith.Mark T. Mitchell - 2005 - Journal of Religious Ethics 33 (1):65-89.
    In this paper I focus on the central role faith plays in the thought of Polanyi and Voegelin. I begin by indicating how both find the modern conception of scientific knowing seriously wanting. What Polanyi terms "objectivism" and Voegelin calls "scientism" is the modern tendency to reduce knowledge to only that which can be scientifically demonstrated. This errant view of knowledge does not occur in a vacuum, though, and both men draw a connection between this and the political pathologies of (...)
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    Hero Among the Wounded.Mark T. Mitchell, Nathan Schlueter & Iii Arthur W. Hunt - 2013 - The Chesterton Review 39 (1/2):311-313.
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