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    Sense of Place, Fast and Slow: The Potential Contributions of Affordance Theory to Sense of Place.Christopher M. Raymond, Marketta Kyttä & Richard Stedman - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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    Demands of Dignity in Robotic Care.Arto Laitinen, Marketta Niemelä & Jari Pirhonen - 2019 - Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 23 (3):366-401.
    Having a sense of dignity is one of the core emotions in human life. Is our dignity, and accordingly also our sense of dignity under threat in elderly care, especially in robotic care? How can robotic care support or challenge human dignity in elderly care? The answer will depend on whether it is robot-based, robot-assisted, or teleoperated care that is at stake. Further, the demands and realizations of human dignity have to be distinguished. The demands to respect humans are based (...)
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    Mobile-Centric Ambient Intelligence in Health- and Homecare—Anticipating Ethical and Legal Challenges.Eleni Kosta, Olli Pitkänen, Marketta Niemelä & Eija Kaasinen - 2010 - Science and Engineering Ethics 16 (2):303-323.
    Ambient Intelligence provides the potential for vast and varied applications, bringing with it both promise and peril. The development of Ambient Intelligence applications poses a number of ethical and legal concerns. Mobile devices are increasingly evolving into tools to orientate in and interact with the environment, thus introducing a user-centric approach to Ambient Intelligence. The MINAmI (Micro-Nano integrated platform for transverse Ambient Intelligence applications) FP6 research project aims at creating core technologies for mobile device based Ambient Intelligence services. In this (...)
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    Human-Driven Design of Micro- and Nanotechnology Based Future Sensor Systems.Veikko Ikonen, Eija Kaasinen, Päivi Heikkilä & Marketta Niemelä - 2015 - Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 13 (2):110-129.
    Purpose – This paper aims to present an overview of the various ethical, societal and critical issues that micro- and nanotechnology-based small, energy self-sufficient sensor systems raise in different selected application fields. An ethical approach on the development of these technologies was taken in a very large international, multitechnological European project. The authors approach and methodology are presented in the paper and, based on this review, the authors propose general principles for this kind of work. Design/methodology/approach – The authors’ approach (...)
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    Sensory and Emotional Perception of Wooden Surfaces Through Fingertip Touch.Shiv R. Bhatta, Kaisa Tiippana, Katja Vahtikari, Mark Hughes & Marketta Kyttä - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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