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    Supranational constitutional politics and the method of rational reconstruction.Markus Patberg - 2014 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 40 (6):501-521.
    In The Crisis of the European Union Jürgen Habermas claims that the constituent power in the EU is shared between the community of EU citizens and the political communities of the member states. By his own account, Habermas arrives at this concept of a dual constituent subject through a rational reconstruction of the genesis of the European constitution. This explanation, however, is not particularly illuminating since it is controversial what the term ‘rational reconstruction’ stands for. This article critically discusses the (...)
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    Extraordinary partisanship in the European Union: Constituent power and the problem of political agency.Markus Patberg - 2020 - Constellations 27 (1):143-157.
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    Constituent Power: A Discourse‐Theoretical Solution to the Conflict between Openness and Containment.Markus Patberg - 2017 - Constellations 24 (1):51-62.
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    Republicanism, EU democracy and differentiated (dis-)integration.Markus Patberg - 2020 - European Journal of Political Theory 21 (1):178-186.
    European Journal of Political Theory, Volume 21, Issue 1, Page 178-186, January 2022. Few debates in political theory are challenged as much by the constant change of their empirical subject as those about democracy in the European Union. With A Republican Europe of States, Richard Bellamy responds to the EU’s post-Lisbon era, which has been characterized by the euro crisis, conflicts over migration, the rise of Euroscepticism and Brexit. Keeping an eye on these contextual conditions and the related legal and (...)
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    Constituent power and the law By Joel Colón‐Ríos, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020Constituent power: A history By Lucia Rubinelli, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020.Markus Patberg - 2023 - Constellations 30 (4):476-479.
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    Agonistic democracy: Constituent power in the era of globalisation.Markus Patberg - 2015 - Contemporary Political Theory 14 (1):e8.
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    Agonistic democracy: Constituent power in the era of globalisation.Markus Patberg - 2013 - Contemporary Political Theory 14 (1):e8-e11.
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    Revolutionary constitutions: Charismatic leadership and the rule of law. ByBruce Ackerman. Cambridge, MA and London: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2019. [REVIEW]Markus Patberg - 2020 - Constellations 27 (2):326-328.
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    Weak Constitutionalism: Democratic Legitimacy and the Question of Constituent Power. By Joel I. Colón‐Ríos. London & New York: Routledge, 2012. [REVIEW]Markus Patberg - 2014 - Constellations 21 (1):153-156.