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    Uniform Interpolation and Propositional Quantifiers in Modal Logics.Marta Bílková - 2007 - Studia Logica 85 (1):1-31.
    We investigate uniform interpolants in propositional modal logics from the proof-theoretical point of view. Our approach is adopted from Pitts’ proof of uniform interpolationin intuitionistic propositional logic [15]. The method is based on a simulation of certain quantifiers ranging over propositional variables and uses a terminating sequent calculus for which structural rules are admissible.
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    Interpretability In.Marta Bílková, Dick de Jongh & Joost J. Joosten - 2009 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 161 (2):128-138.
    In this paper, we study IL(), the interpretability logic of . As is neither an essentially reflexive theory nor finitely axiomatizable, the two known arithmetical completeness results do not apply to : IL() is not or . IL() does, of course, contain all the principles known to be part of IL, the interpretability logic of the principles common to all reasonable arithmetical theories. In this paper, we take two arithmetical properties of and see what their consequences in the modal logic (...)
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