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    Polishing the Chinese Mirror: Essays in Honor of Henry Rosemont, Jr.Marthe Chandler & Ronnie Littlejohn (eds.) - 2008 - Global Scholarly Publications.
    Edited by Marthe Chandler and Ronnie Littlejohn, this work is a collection of expository and critical essays on the work of Henry Rosemont, Jr., a prominent and influential contemporary philosopher, activist, translator, and educator in the field of Asian and Comparative Philosophy. The essays in this collection take up three major themes in Rosemont's work: his work in Chinese linguistics, his contribution to the theory of human rights, and his interest in East Asian religion. Contributions include works by the leading (...)
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    Expressing the heart's intent: explorations in Chinese aesthetics.Marthe Chandler - 2017 - Albany,: State University of New York Press.
    Using Li Zehou's theories of aesthetics, argues for the importance of the arts to philosophy.
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    Real Time.Marthe Chandler - 1983 - Philosophy of Science 50 (4):663-665.
  4. "Meno" and "mencius:" Two philosophical dramas.Marthe Chandler - 2003 - Philosophy East and West 53 (3):367-398.
    The conversations between Meno and Socrates and between Mencius and King Xuan are philosophical dramas whose "plots" are intellectual arguments. Although both texts present historical characters at particular times in their lives, the texts were written some years after the events they describe by disciples of Socrates and Mencius. The authors had a number of motives: they wanted to represent what the characters thought and said, to explain the philosophical theories underlying the dramatic plots, and to justify the failure of (...)
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    Philosophy of gravity: Intuitions of four-dimensional curved spacetime.Marthe Chandler - 1994 - Science & Education 3 (2):155-176.
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    Attitudes, leprechauns and neutrinos: The ontology of behavioral science.Marthe Chandler - 1990 - Philosophical Studies 60 (1-2):5 - 17.
    Although the historical dispute between introspective psychology and ontological behaviorism encourages the belief that attitudes do not exist, this belief is misguided. Even the Hacking test, suggested by someone with grave doubts about behavioral science, supports the claim that attitudes are “just as real as neutrinos.” Nevertheless, the progress of a science of attitudes may be severely limited by the influence of exogenous factors, factors including normative beliefs about how we should treat the people to whom attitudes are attributed. In (...)
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  7. Li Zehou, Kant, and Darwin : the theory of sedimentation.Marthe Chandler - 2018 - In Roger T. Ames & Jinhua Jia (eds.), Li Zehou and Confucian philosophy. Honolulu: East-West Center.
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    Models of voting behavior in survey research.Marthe Chandler - 1988 - Synthese 76 (1):25 - 48.
    This paper examines two models used in survey research to explain voting behavior. Although the models rely on the same data they make radically different predictions about the political future. Nevertheless, both models may be more or less correct. The models represent interacting systems and it may be impossible to get a super model of the interactions between their elements. In the natural sciences causal relationships between the elements of interacting models can often be ignored. Because voting behavior models describe (...)
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  9. Philosophical Issues in Tense Logic.Marthe Atwater Chandler - 1980 - Dissertation, University of Illinois at Chicago
    The last chapter examines the tense system used by ordinarily competent speakers of English to discuss past, present, and future events, actual and possible events, and various combinations of these. I present a systematic method for translating English sentences containing certain compound verb tenses and embedded tense constructions into a logical language using tense operators. Finally I show how the usual semantics for these operators reflects the truth conditions of the original English sentences. I argue, however, that a tense logical (...)
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    Religion, Ritual, and Family.Marthe Chandler - 2019 - Philosophy East and West 69 (1):20-29.
    Chapters 8, "On Religion and Ritual," and 9, "The Religious Dimensions of Role-Bearing Family Lives," of Against Individualism continue the discussion between Henry Rosemont and Huston Smith that began in Rationality and Religious Experience. The conversations concern the nature of religion, religious experience, and the object of that experience. Rosemont argues that there are certain "homoversals," behaviors that cannot be entirely accounted for by physical or cultural environments.1 Language learning and facial recognition are homoversals, as is what Rosemont calls a (...)
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    The logic of 'unless'.Marthe Chandler - 1982 - Philosophical Studies 41 (3):383 - 405.
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    The Chinese Aesthetic Tradition (review).Marthe Chandler - 2012 - Philosophy East and West 62 (1):147-150.
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    Real Time. D. H. Mellor. [REVIEW]Marthe Chandler - 1983 - Philosophy of Science 50 (4):663-665.
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    Book Review:Philosophy of Social Science. Michael Root. [REVIEW]Marthe Atwater Chandler - 1996 - Ethics 106 (3):655-.