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  1. Mental Logic.Martin D. S. Braine & David P. O'brien - 2001 - Studia Logica 68 (2):297-299.
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    Responses to Inconsistent Premisses Cannot Count as Suppression of Valid Inferences.Guy Politzer & Martin D. S. Braine - 1991 - Cognition 38 (1):103-108.
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  3. Steps Toward a Mental Predicate Logic.Martin D. S. Braine - 1998 - Mental Logic.
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  4. Mental Logic and How to Discover It.Martin D. S. Braine - 1994 - In John Macnamara & Gonzalo E. Reyes (eds.), The Logical Foundations of Cognition. Oxford University Press USA. pp. 241-263.
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    What Do Children Know About the Universal Quantifiers All and Each?Patricia J. Brooks & Martin D. S. Braine - 1996 - Cognition 60 (3):235-268.
    Children's comprehension of the universal quantifiers all and each was explored in a series of experiments using a picture selection task. The first experiment examined children's ability to restrict a quantifier to the noun phrase it modifies. The second and third experiments examined children's ability to associate collective, distributive, and exhaustive representations with sentences containing universal quantifiers. The collective representation corresponds to the "group" meaning (for All the flowers are in a vase all of the flowers are in the same (...)
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    Propositional Reasoning by Mental Models? Simple to Refute in Principle and in Practice.David P. O'Brien, Martin D. S. Braine & Yingrui Yang - 1994 - Psychological Review 101 (4):711-724.
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    What Sort of Innate Structure is Needed to “Bootstrap” Into Syntax?Martin D. S. Braine - 1992 - Cognition 45 (1):77-100.
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    Predicting Intermediate and Multiple Conclusions in Propositional Logic Inference Problems: Further Evidence for a Mental Logic.Martin D. S. Braine, David P. O'Brien, Ira A. Noveck, Mark C. Samuels, R. Brooke Lea, Shalom M. Fisch & Yingrui Yang - 1995 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 124 (3):263.
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    Mental Models Cannot Exclude Mental Logic and Make Little Sense Without It.Martin D. S. Braine - 1993 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 16 (2):338-339.
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    On Learning the Grammatical Order of Words.Martin D. S. Braine - 1963 - Psychological Review 70 (4):323-348.
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  11. Some Empirical Justification of the Mental-Predicate-Logic Model.Yinguri Yang, Martin D. S. Braine & David P. O'Brien - 1998 - In . Lawerence Erlbaum. pp. 333-365.
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    On Some Claims Aboutif-Then.Martin D. S. Braine - 1979 - Linguistics and Philosophy 3 (1):35 - 47.
    The paper has sought to show two things. One is that the apparent variety of Stalnaker and Lewis's counterexamples is misleading. Several of their examples are quite unsatisfactory because they depend on unguarded language behavior. There is in fact only one type of counterexample that is worth serious discussion, and that has the form of Barense's.For Barense's example, I try to show that it fails as a counterexample to transitivity because one of the premisses is false within the context of (...)
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  13. .Yinguri Yang, Martin D. S. Braine & David P. O'Brien - 1998 - Lawerence Erlbaum.
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