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    Exploring and Exposing Values in Management Education: Problematizing Final Vocabularies in Order to Enhance Moral Imagination.Martin Fougère, Nikodemus Solitander & Suzanne Young - 2014 - Journal of Business Ethics 120 (2):175-187.
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    Dominant Articulations in Academic Business and Society Discourse on NGO–Business Relations: A Critical Assessment. [REVIEW]Salla Laasonen, Martin Fougère & Arno Kourula - 2012 - Journal of Business Ethics 109 (4):521-545.
    Relations between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and companies have been the subject of a sharply increasing amount of publications in recent years within academic business journals. In this article, we critically assess this fast-developing body of literature, which we treat as forming a ‘business and society discourse’ on NGO–business relations. Drawing on discourse theory, we examine 199 academic articles in 11 business and society, international business, and management journals. Focusing on the dominant articulations on the NGO–business relationship and key signifiers they (...)
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    Business Infomediary Representations of Corporate Responsibility.Meri Frig, Martin Fougère, Veronica Liljander & Pia Polsa - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 151 (2):337-351.
    Drawing on the recent discussion about the role information intermediaries play in affecting corporate responsibility adoption, we analyze the representation of CR issues in a business infomediary distributed by a leading business organization. The explicit task of the business infomediary is to promote a competitive national business environment. This paper contributes to research on CR, by providing new knowledge on the current CR discourse within the business community, and research on infomediaries, by introducing a distinction between watchdog-oriented and business-oriented infomediaries. (...)
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    Governmentality and the Creative Class: Harnessing Bohemia, Diversity and Freedom for Competitiveness.Martin Fougere & Nikodemus Solitander - 2010 - International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy 4 (1):41.
  5. From the Editors: Problematizing the Power of Responsibility.Martin Fougere, Gyongyi Kovacs, Jukka Makinen, Marjo Siltaoja & Andre Sobczak - 2011 - Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies 16 (2):4-5.
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