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    More Than Mere Colouring: The Role of Spectral Information in Human Vision.Kathleen A. Akins & Martin Hahn - 2014 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 65 (1):125-171.
    A common view in both philosophy and the vision sciences is that, in human vision, wavelength information is primarily ‘for’ colouring: for seeing surfaces and various media as having colours. In this article we examine this assumption of ‘colour-for-colouring’. To motivate the need for an alternative theory, we begin with three major puzzles from neurophysiology, puzzles that are not explained by the standard theory. We then ask about the role of wavelength information in vision writ large. How might wavelength information (...)
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  2. Reflections and Replies: Essays on the Philosophy of Tyler Burge.Martin Hahn & Björn T. Ramberg (eds.) - 2003 - MIT Press.
    Essays by various philosphers on the work of Tyler Burge and Burge's extensive responses.
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  3. When Swampmen Get Arthritis: "Externalism" in Burge and Davidson.Martin Hahn - 2003 - In Martin Hahn & B. Ramberg (eds.), Reflections and Replies: Essays on the Philosophy of Tyler Burge. MIT Press.
  4. The Peculiarity of Color.Kathleen Akins & Martin Hahn - 2000 - In Color Perception: Philosophical, Psychological, Artistic, and Computational Perspectives. New York: Oxford University Press.
  5. Color Perception: Philosophical, Psychological, Artistic, and Computational Perspectives.Kathleen Akins & Martin Hahn - 2000 - New York: Oxford University Press.
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    The Frege Puzzle One More Time.Martin Hahn - 1995 - In Petr Kotatko & John Biro (eds.), Frege: Sense and Reference One Hundred Years Later. Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 169--183.
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    Do Metamers Matter?Martin Hahn - 2003 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (1):30-31.
    Metamerism is a rather common feature of objects. The authors see it as problematic because they are concerned with a special case: metamerism in standard conditions. Such metamerism does not, however, pose a problem for color realists. There is an apparent problem in cases of metameric light sources, but to see such metamers as problematic is to fail to answer Berkeley's challenge.
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  8. How Not to Draw the de Re/de Dicto Distinction.Martin Hahn - 1994 - In John Macnamara & Gonzalo E. Reyes (eds.), The Logical Foundations of Cognition. Oxford University Press USA. pp. 325-353.
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  9. Intentionality, Direct Reference, and Individualism.Martin Hahn - 1990 - Dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles
    There is a prima facie conflict between the semantical theory of direct reference and an intuitively plausible view often called 'individualism'. Direct reference theory is the view that certain expressions pick out their referent directly, without any intervening semantical mechanism. In order to describe the meaning of a sentence which contain such an expression, we have to mention the referent itself. Individualism is a view that mental states are individuated without reference to the subject's environment, either social or physical, and (...)
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  10. Proceedings of the 21st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.Martin Hahn & S. C. Stoness (eds.) - 1999 - Lawrence Erlbaum.
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    Passive Avoidance During Brain-Growth Spurts and Plateaus.Maria J. Lavooy, Jacqueline Lavooy, Martin E. Hahn & Edward C. Simmel - 1981 - Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 17 (3):153-155.