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    Small Universal Post Systems.Martin Wirsing - 1979 - Zeitschrift fur mathematische Logik und Grundlagen der Mathematik 25 (33):559-564.
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    Nondeterministic Three-Valued Logic: Isotonic and Guarded Truth-Functions.Peter Päppinghaus & Martin Wirsing - 1983 - Studia Logica 42 (1):1 - 22.
    Nondeterministic programs occurring in recently developed programming languages define nondeterminate partial functions. Formulas (Boolean expressions) of such nondeterministic languages are interpreted by a nonempty subset of {T (true), F (false), U (undefined)}. As a semantic basis for the propositional part of a corresponding nondeterministic three-valued logic we study the notion of a truth-function over {T, F, U} which is computable by a nondeterministic evaluation procedure. The main result is that these truth-functions are precisely the functions satisfying four basic properties, called (...)
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