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    Choice, Rate of Response, and Rate of Gambling.Howard C. Rachlin & Marvin Frankel - 1969 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 80 (3p1):444.
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    The Uses of Self-Deception.Howard Rachlin & Marvin Frankel - 1997 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 20 (1):124-125.
    The essence of a mental event such as self-deception lies in its function – its place in the life of an animal. But the function of self-deception corresponds to that of interpersonal deception. Therefore self-deception, contrary to Mele's thesis, is essentially isomorphic with interpersonal deception.
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    Cognition and Behavior in Studies of Choice.Howard Rachlin, A. W. Logue, John Gibbon & Marvin Frankel - 1986 - Psychological Review 93 (1):33-45.
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