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    Mary Dalrymple, Makoto Kanazawa, Yookyung Kim, Sam McHombo & Stanley Peters (1998). Reciprocal Expressions and the Concept of Reciprocity. Linguistics and Philosophy 21 (2):159-210.
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    Mary Dalrymple, Stuart M. Shieber & Fernando C. N. Pereira (1991). Ellipsis and Higher-Order Unification. Linguistics and Philosophy 14 (4):399 - 452.
    We present a new method for characterizing the interpretive possibilities generated by elliptical constructions in natural language. Unlike previous analyses, which postulate ambiguity of interpretation or derivation in the full clause source of the ellipsis, our analysis requires no such hidden ambiguity. Further, the analysis follows relatively directly from an abstract statement of the ellipsis interpretation problem. It predicts correctly a wide range of interactions between ellipsis and other semantic phenomena such as quantifier scope and bound anaphora. Finally, although the (...)
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    Mary Dalrymple, John Lamping, Fernando Pereira & Vijay Saraswat (1997). Quantifiers, Anaphora, and Intensionality. Journal of Logic, Language and Information 6 (3):219-273.
    The relationship between Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG) functional structures (f-structures) for sentences and their semanticinterpretations can be formalized in linear logic in a way thatcorrectly explains the observed interactions between quantifier scopeambiguity, bound anaphora and intensionality.Our linear-logic formalization of the compositional properties ofquantifying expressions in natural language obviates the need forspecial mechanisms, such as Cooper storage, in representing thescoping possibilities of quantifying expressions. Instead, thesemantic contribution of a quantifier is recorded as a linear-logicformula whose use in a proof will establish the (...)
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    Jody Azzouni, Emmon Bach, Chris Barker, Wojciech Buzkowski, Robyn Carsten, Gennaro Chierchia, Max Cresswell, Mary Dalrymple & Martin Davies (1993). Reviewers of Submitted Papers During 1993. Linguistics and Philosophy 16:655-556.
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    Oesten Dahl, Mary Dalrymple, Paul Dekker, Josh Dever, Walter Edelberg, Kai von Fintel, Gilles Fauconnier, Nissim Francez, Peter Gärdenfors & Bart Geurts (1999). 680 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Fiona Cowie Max Cresswell Mark Crimmins. Linguistics and Philosophy 22:679-680.
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    Marilyn Ford & Mary Dalrymple (1988). A Note on Some Psychological Evidence and Alternative Grammars. Cognition 29 (1):63-71.
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    Stuart M. Shieber, Fernando C. N. Pereira & Mary Dalrymple (1996). Interactions of Scope and Ellipsis. Linguistics and Philosophy 19 (5):527 - 552.
    Systematic semantic ambiguities result from the interaction of the two operations that are involved in resolving ellipsis in the presence of scoping elements such as quantifiers and intensional operators: scope determination for the scoping elements and resolution of the elided relation. A variety of problematic examples previously noted - by Sag, Hirschbüihler, Gawron and Peters, Harper, and others - all have to do with such interactions. In previous work, we showed how ellipsis resolution can be stated and solved in equational (...)
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    Greg Carlson, Lisa Cheng, Gennaro Chierchia, Östen Dahl, Mary Dalrymple, Veneeta Dayal, Paul Dekker, Josh Dever, Markus Egg & Martina Faller (2002). 802 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Aaron Broadwell Miriam Butt Alex Byrne. Linguistics and Philosophy 25:801-802.