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  1. The Roles of Similarity in Transfer: Separating Retrievability From Inferential Soundness.Kenneth D. Forbus, Dedre Gentner & Mary Jo Rattermann - forthcoming - Cognitive Science.
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    Partial and Total‐Order Planning: Evidence From Normal and Prefrontally Damaged Populations.Mary Jo Rattermann, Lee Spector, Jordan Grafman, Harvey Levin & Harriet Harward - 2001 - Cognitive Science 25 (6):941-975.
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    Deep Thinking in Children: The Case for Knowledge Change in Analogical Development.Dedre Gentner & Mary Jo Rattermann - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (6):837-838.
    Halford, Wilson & Phillips argue that cognitive development is driven by increases in processing capacity. We suggest that changes in relational knowledge are as important or more so. We present evidence that 3-year-olds' analogical abilities are sharply improved by teaching them relational labels; over a 30-minute experimental session children gained approximately 2 years in effective performance. These results mandate caution interpreting age-related change as indicating maturational change, and call for a deeper consideration of the role of epistemological change in cognitive (...)
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    Catherine A. Clement and Dedre Gentner.Laura Kotovsky, Ronald Mawby, Robert Mitchell, Betsy Perry, Mary Jo Rattermann, Brian Ross & Robert Schumacher - 1991 - Cognitive Science 15:89-132.
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